If you're an ITSM program manager, you need to be confident about the health of your ITSM processes and you need to ensure your program is standards-compliant and consistent. ITOptimizer gives you access to comprehensive reports and dashboards, providing at-a-glance data you can communicate to stakeholders and senior management.

Set baselines and benchmarks

Enables you to baseline the health of existing processes, survey the ITSM community and access real-time information on process compliance.

Standardized documentation

Data model ensures all processes are documented in a standard manner to the same degree of detail.

Accountability and completion reporting

Allows you to define accountability for processes and tasks, and monitor completion of those tasks by process, roles and specific individuals.

Central documentation repository

Provides a single, accessible repository for all process documentation, maturity assessments and process compliance.

Comprehensive monitoring and benchmarking

Dashboards show the relative health of your processes against a variety of standards (CobiT® and ISO 20000®, as well as the ITIL® lifecycle model) and enable you to easily drill down and assess process deficiencies and outstanding tasks.