DriveLock Edition

DriveLock offers dynamic access control for drives (floppy disks, CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, etc.) and also controls all other device types, such as Bluetooth, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and other smart phones. Using whitelist rules (based on device type and hardware ID), you can specify exactly who can use which device at what time. You can even create detailed rules for the use of removable drives based on the drive's manufacturer, model and unique serial number to achieve granular definition and implementation of access rules. Other features let you enable access to specific authorized media, set time limits and create exceptions for certain users, groups, computers and networks. These are just a few of the customization options that are available to let you enforce the exact device usage policies you require. To give a user temporary access to a blocked device, you can use temporary unlocking, even when the computer is offline and not connected to your network.

Using administrator-defined network profiles, DriveLock instantly detects the network a computer is connected to and can automatically adjust configuration and policy settings. You can also disable wireless connections whenever computers are connected to your corporate network to prevent cross-network links between your network and unauthorized wireless networks. Finally, network profiles let you block applications, such as Skype, when a computer is connected to the corporate network, while unblocking these applications when a user is on the road. It's hard to imagine endpoint security that's more effective.

Our in Premium Edition integrated leading-edge application control can help protect your network against some of the most dangerous threats: zero day exploits, brand-new Trojan horse programs, industrial espionage and data theft. The power of DriveLock's application control vastly exceeds the basic protection in Windows 7 and offers unique flexibility. You can choose from several criteria for specifying allowed applications. You can easily combine these criteria and use them to either enable or prevent the starting of any program. Other device control solutions require you to configure complicated sets of rules that need to be frequently updated. With DriveLock you can often achieve the same protection with just a few rules that require minimal or no updating.

These DriveLock Editions are available, including different feature sets. 

Features Standard Edition Premium Edition Executive Edition


Control of removable drives, devices, media and data flow
  • Block any type of drive (floppy, disk, CD/DVD, USB, FireWire und others)
  • Block removable devices (handhelds PCs, smart phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.)
  • Define authorized media
  • Filter files
  • Define custom file types
  • Audit data transfers 
  • Create shadow copies
Yes Yes Yes


Intelligent administration
  • Create computer templates
  • Automatically run scripts when a drive is connected
  • Apply settings based on the current network connection
Yes Yes Yes


Comprehensive reporting
  • Central SQL event database
  • Create reports for management and to identify security risks
  • Analyse events (grouping, filtering, sorting)
  • Print reports and graphs
  • Export event data
Yes Yes Yes


Application control
  • Audit all application use
  • Block applications (blacklisting)
  • Enable approved applications (whitelisting)
  • Combine whitelists and blacklists for maximum flexibility and security
  Yes Yes


Full Disk Encryption
  • Encrypt all internal disks, including system partitions
  • FIPS140-2 certified encryption libraries
  • Pre-boot authentication and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Powerful tools for restoring accesss to data on damaged disks and for enabling emergency logon for users who forgot their password
  • Support for smart card and token authentication