DriveLock Suite

Our DriveLock Suite adds additional functionality to a DriveLock Edition including comprehensive encryption capability to protect your data:

The DriveLock Executive Suite includes a certified Full Disk Encryption:

These DriveLock Suites are available, including different feature sets.

Features Standard Suite Premium Suite Executive Suite


Control of removable drives, devices, media and data flow
  • Block any type of drive (floppy, disk, CD/DVD, USB, FireWire und others)
  • Block removable devices (handhelds PCs, smart phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.)
  • Define authorized media
  • Filter files
  • Define custom file types
  • Audit data transfers 
  • Create shadow copies
Yes Yes Yes


Intelligent administration
  • Create computer templates
  • Automatically run scripts when a drive is connected
  • Apply settings based on the current network connection
Yes Yes Yes


Comprehensive reporting
  • Central SQL event database
  • Create reports for management and to identify security risks
  • Analyse events (grouping, filtering, sorting)
  • Print reports and graphs
  • Export event data
Yes Yes Yes


Application control
  • Audit all application use
  • Block applications (blacklisting)
  • Enable approved applications (whitelisting)
  • Combine whitelists and blacklists for maximum flexibility and security
  Yes Yes


Removable media encryption
  • Automatically and tranparently encrypt removable media
  • Enforce encryption
  • Secure password recovery
  • Wizard for creating encrypted CDs and DVDs
  • Encryption for Windows Mobile
  • Access encrypted media without installing software or needing local administrative rights
  • Securely delete data
Yes Yes Yes


Full Disk Encryption
  • Encrypt all internal disks, including system partitions
  • FIPS140-2 certified encryption libraries
  • Pre-boot autentication and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Powerful tools for restoring accesss to data on damaged disks and for enabling emergency logon for users who forgot their password
  • Support for smart card und token authentication