The fastest, easiest, most affordable application and network monitoring software.

Heroix Longitude® is a proven, self-service applications and networking performance monitoring solution. It delivers immediate, comprehensive performance information to solve multiple monitoring challenges in companies of all sizes.

Longitude monitors hundreds of vital performance metrics, alerts you to problems, takes corrective actions, and creates reports for everyone, from executives to IT staff.

This award-winning solution is the most affordable performance monitoring software available today.

Best of all, this agentless software is the fastest and easiest-to-use monitoring software available. There is no lengthy installation or learning curve; non-IT staff can purchase Longitude and be monitoring within 10 minutes.

Why Heroix? Why Longitude?

Heroix Longitude Status Dashboard screenshot
Dashboards present up-to-date summary and detailed information on the status of applications, servers, and networks

Heroix has delivered best-of-breed monitoring solutions for 25 years. The Heroix experts understand what’s important to you and they deliver it in a single product that lets you monitor the health of your applications and infrastructure and easily meet SLAs. Longitude delivers immediate ROI.


This very affordable solution is lightning fast to install and use, providing results in just minutes. Non-technical users can be monitoring instantly.


The Web-based interface, intuitive to all and accessible from anywhere, provides access to hundreds of operational metrics and performance reports, all out-of-the-box and ready to use. Real-time dashboards work the way administrators solve problems.


Longitude makes complete operating system and application monitoring possible with its broad range of platforms (Microsoft Windows®, Red Hat®, SuSE®, AIX®, HP-UX®, Solaris® and VMware®) and categories (OS, Web, database, messaging, network, infrastructure, and user and business metrics).

Key Features

No one but Heroix provides the winning combination of comprehensive performance monitoring, immediate results, rapid deployment, ease-of-use, agentless architecture, and intuitive Web interface, in such an affordable solution.

Heroix Longitude Autodiscovery screenshot
Quickly discover server and network devices to be monitored

10-minute Deployment, Auto Discovery
Installation is fast and simple. Thanks to auto discovery, identifying the entities to monitor is quick. There is no need to enter systems manually. Use Longitude to scan for systems and devices present on the network. And, Longitude scales with ease and is equally adept at handling a few servers and network devices or many.

Agentless Multiplatform Monitoring and Management
Heroix Longitude monitors and alerts on the availability and performance of mission-critical applications, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and VMware systems, and SNMP-based network devices, without requiring any software installation on the monitored systems. Moreover, Longitude is self-contained, with no prerequisites for layered software.

Prepackaged Monitoring Solutions for Database, Web and Messaging Applications
Out of the box, benefit from monitoring solutions for Windows, Linux, Unix, and VMware plus solutions for Web, database, and messaging servers; network and infrastructure components; common transactions; and usage trends. Predefined default thresholds take the guesswork out of getting started. Refining solutions to support your specific business processes is easy; settings are readily customizable through the Web UI — on-the-fly.

Virtual Machine Monitoring
The broad scope of prepackaged monitoring solutions includes VMware monitoring. Automatically collect physical and virtual performance metrics for VMs, hosts, resource pools, clusters, datastores and datacenters. Consolidate alarms generated by VMware for unified alerting and reporting. Track the impact of virtual machines on the physical hardware and optionally take corrective action on any of the performance metrics. A key feature in Longitude is capacity planning, where users can perform “What if” analyses to determine where and how potential changes would affect operations.

Heroix Longitude Event Monitor screenshot
View events and configure thresholds and actions

Event Monitor
The Event Monitor serves as a powerful, easy-to-use central monitoring station for Longitude, allowing you to view events and diagnose issues throughout your entire computing environment. The dashboard lets you drill down to troubleshoot in real-time, modify performance thresholds, and enable notification and corrective actions from a single interface without having to navigate away from the display. In addition to alerting you on problems, the Event Monitor helps identify problems quickly and easily to see which conditions are contributing to the problem. It presents events grouped by either device or application, and can display additional information collected from Windows Event Logs, Syslogs, SNMP Traps and SLAs in an intuitive dashboard.

Automated Alerts and Actions
Automatically receive email alerts, generate SNMP traps, send SMS pages, and execute corrective action based on specified policies. Longitude provides meaningful alerts and initiates corrective action. Instruct Longitude to invoke a system or application diagnostic command(s) or script(s), evaluate the output, and alert you to abnormal results.

Heroix Longitude Real Time Monitor screenshot

Real-time display facility that provides up-to-the-minute information on the performance of servers and network devices

Real Time Performance Monitor
The Performance Monitor is a real-time display facility that provides up-to-the-minute information on the performance of servers and network devices. The dashboard allows the user to quickly access and analyze the health and efficiency of Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware, and network devices. The pre-configured displays target key performance indicators, help determine bottlenecks, and fine-tune device and application performance.

Heroix Longitude Reports screenshot
Graphically rich tables, charts, and graphs supply information to address performance and capacity issues

Up to the Minute SLA Data, Historical Trend and Performance Reports
Assess compliance with service level agreements and real-time and historical performance using builtin dashboards and prepackaged reports. Drill down instantly for more details. Set up and customize SLAs and reports on the spot to reflect your business processes. Graphically rich tables, charts, and graphs supply the information to address performance and capacity issues before users are affected. Improve troubleshooting with real-time performance dashboards that display key metrics.

Self-Maintaining, Self-Updating
The built-in Longitude Upgrade Manager can automatically download and install software updates without disrupting operations. Longitude also performs its own database administration and other internal maintenance, reducing administrative and training costs. Auto discovery simplifies keeping up with changes in your environment. Scan the network anytime to identify systems and devices that require monitoring.

Heroix Longitude is powerful, simple, affordable.

Longitude Works for Everyone - Get the package that’s right for you

Longitude Software Packages

Key Features VMware Edition Community Edition-Free Enterprise Edition
Web-Based UI with Auto Discovery      
Event Monitor      
Alerts and Actions

Scheduled email, SMS paging, and OS command actions based on events.


Interactive reporting, with performance and event reports

Mobile UI

Access the Web UI via your iPhone or Android hand held device

Real-Time Performance Monitor      
Application Monitoring

Microsoft IIS, Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange Server, DHCP, Active Directory, Dell OpenManage™, HP Systems Insight Manager, IBM® Director, Syslog monitoring, SNMP trap monitoring, NetFlow

Operating System & Device Monitoring

Microsoft® Windows Server™, Microsoft Windows® 8, Microsoft Windows® 7, Microsoft Windows® Vista, Microsoft Windows® XP, Red Hat® Linux, SuSE® Linux, IBM AIX®, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX®, Sun Solaris™, Cisco® & other network devices

SLA Dashboard

Visibility into performance of multi-tiered applications and business processes, and their underlying IT components

Windows Event Log Consolidation      

DNS, File content, File existence, FTP, HTTP connect, HTTP URL, Named service, NNTP, Ping, Ping critical, Port, SMTP, SQL connect, SQL query, SSH, Telnet, Unix connect, Unix process, Unix script, Windows process, Windows script, Windows share, WMI connect

Advanced Features VMware Edition Community Edition-Free Enterprise Edition
VMware Capacity Planning

What-if analysis based on observed VMware usage at host, VM, datastore, cluster and resource pool levels.

Event Escalation
Enterprise Control and Command

User-defined views, role-based security

Enterprise Reporting

Scheduled reports, annotations, archived report portal

Customizable Event Monitor, with Topology View
Event Correlation

Correlate multiple conditions affecting a single business service

User Experience Monitoring

Synthetic Web Transactions

Network Devices: SNMP Studio

Allows monitoring of any device that uses a MIB

Edition -
capacity planning and what if analysis
Community Edition -
monitoring for up to 5 devices and 2 sockets
Edition -
for IT staff with deep monitoring needs