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Navvia® (formerly ITOptimizer)
The ITSM Process Assessment, Design and Governance Software
Navvia - Your complete toolkit for do-it-yourself IT process design and management.

Navvia takes 10+ years’ practical, real-world ITSM consulting experience and packages it into a tool that allows you to effectively assess, design and govern your processes. It’s like getting your own dedicated ITSM expert but at a fraction of the cost. With access to dozens of templates based on ITIL®, CobiT® and ISO 20000®, Navvia can accelerate your overall service management program allowing you to realize the benefits much sooner.

Founded in 1999, Consulting-Portal helps organisations implement streamlined, efficient processes that unify IT technology with business and customer needs.

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ITOptimizer :: ITSM Process Assessment, Design and Governance Software :: UK Distributor: Networks Unlimited


ITOptimizer modules help you assess, design and govern your ITSM processes.


Allows you to survey your current processes, then set benchmarks so you can continually monitor your effectiveness.

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Combines a library of proven ITSM processes with a process modeling tool so you can customize your processes to your business needs. eProcess also features robust reporting capabilities and provides a central repository for all your process documentation.

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Provides Enterprise and Consultant users with a full curriculum of IT service management training, including ITIL® v3 Foundations, Process Design, Process Assessment and Process Governance.

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Allows you to gauge whether you're maximizing your investment in IT. Also enables you to prepare for audits or ISO® certification by mapping your processes to ISO 20000® and CobiT® control objectives, providing objective evidence of compliance and a clear breakdown of tasks, roles and accountability.

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We offer access to ITOptimizer modules at three levels designed to fit your needs and budget.

Practitioner Edition

Ideal for individual ITSM practitioners who want a cost-effective, customizable process design tool.

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Enterprise Edition

Unlimited access to our extensive library of ITSM templates makes the Enterprise Edition perfect for companies wanting to do in-house ITSM design and monitoring.

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Consultant Edition

With an extensive list of features, the Consultant Edition is particularly suited to outsourcers or partners providing ITSM consulting services.

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eAssessment Module

ITOptimizer’s eAssessment module is based on CMM, CobiT® and ITIL®, allowing you to assess the overall health and maturity of your processes. eAssessment also enables you to set benchmarks so you can monitor and continually improve process effectiveness. With eAssessment, you can create unlimited assessment projects—either using ITIL®-based process assessment questionnaires, CobiT® questionnaires or by creating your own. eAssessment allows you to distribute the questionnaires, track responses and create detailed CMM-based maturity graphs.


Set benchmarks and evaluate compliance with your processes over time to get a comprehensive, accurate view of your overall process health.


Use templated assessment questionnaires to evaluate the health of your processes without having to re-invent the wheel.


Create your own process assessment questionnaires mapped to your unique business needs.


Improve your overall efficiency by focusing your improvement efforts on specific gaps in your processes.

eProcess Module

ITOptimizer's eProcess module takes 10+ years' practical, real-world experience and combines it with a powerful data model to create an innovative process design and documentation tool. With over 30 templated IT service management processes, eProcess improves your efficiency by not having you reinvent the wheel with each process you build.

Template library

Choose from a library of process templates based on industry best practices.

Automated documentation

Automatically generate swim-lane diagrams, RACI diagrams, executive summaries, detailed process documentation, roles and responsibilities, policies and governance, and tool and data requirements.


Automated ITIL®-based templates allow you to save time implementing processes - up to a 40% reduction in process design time, compared to traditional methods.


ITOptimizer's structured approach to process design supports your CobiT® and ISO 20000® audit requirements.

eEducation Module

Our eEducation module, included in our Enterprise and Consultant editions, allows you to leverage a growing curriculum of online instructor-led IT service management training.

We currently offer courses in ITIL® v3 Foundations*, Process Design, Process Assessment and Process Governance. eEducation allows you to extend your professional development at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone ITSM courses.

*For ITIL® v3 Foundations course certification exam is not included


Our live, online sessions are tailored to your business needs, enabling you to deploy ITOptimizer and start seeing results quickly and easily.


ITSM professional development/certification courses bundled with ITOptimizer can cost upwards of $24,000. With eEducation, a comprehensive set of courses are included in your subscription cost.


Our consultants and trainers are active practitioners with an average of 25 years' experience.


Our online training sessions mean you don't have to travel to take advantage of our industry-leading sessions.

eGovernance Module

According to our most recent ITSM industry survey, only 29.1% of organizations measure the success of their IT processes. If you’ve spent time and money on tools and process design, eGovernance ensures that you don’t leave your investment to chance. Our eGovernance module allows you to establish, coordinate, monitor and audit compliance with your ITSM processes, ensuring accountability and preparing your business for IT audits or standards certification.

Supports industry best practices frameworks

eGovernance supports with best practice frameworks, including ITIL®, CobiT® and ISO 20000®.

Comprehensive reference model

Map governance frameworks, governance lifecycles and process frameworks back to control objectives.

Certification and audit prep

Map your process compliance back to CobiT® or ISO 20000® control objectives (and switch between the two quickly and easily) ensuring accountability and preparing you for IT audits and ISO 20000® certification.

Objective evidence

Separate governance from execution with a stratified governance model, providing objective evidence of compliance at all levels of reporting.


Fully customizable to the needs and size of your business.


Practitioner Edition

ITOptimizer’s Practitioner Edition is a lean, cost-effective choice for ITSM practitioners who don’t need multiple user licenses.


The Practitioner Edition, a complete ITSM tookit available at $995

A Complete Solution

The Practitioner Edition's eProcess module offers you unlimited access to a library of ITSM process templates. In addition, the eAssessment module offers you unlimited access to a collection of ITIL® and Cobit® based questionnaires.

Lean and streamlined

The Practitioner Edition is the perfect ITSM solution for a single practitioner or small company—so you're not paying for access you don't need.

Enterprise Edition

With ITOptimizer's Enterprise Edition, you have access to our full suite of tools: eAssessment, to evaluate the health of your processes, eProcess, our library of ITIL®-based process templates, eGovernance, our process compliance and monitoring module and eEducation, our in-depth training and education module.

Unlimited access

With the Enterprise Edition, you have unlimited access to our library of ITIL®-based process design templates, eAssessment, our process maturity assessment tool, and eGovernance, our compliance module.

More user licenses and workspaces

ITOptimizer, Enterprise Edition, gives you ten user licenses and unlimited workspaces.


When you subscribe to the Enterprise Edition, you'll receive in-depth training to ensure you're using ITOptimizer to your best advantage.

Professional development

Access courses like ITIL® v3 Foundations, Process Design, Process Assessment and Process Governance – save thousands in education fees.

Consultant Edition

ITOptimizer's Consultant Edition offers the most complete access to our full suite of templates, tools and training — allowing consultants to stand out from competitors while saving time and money. You'll receive all the benefits of our Enterprise Edition, as well as more user licenses and in-depth training.

Unlimited access

Unlimited access to our library of ITIL®-based process design templates, eAssessment, our process maturity assessment tool, and eGovernance, our compliance module.

20 user licenses

ITOptimizer's Consultant Edition includes 20 user licenses and unlimited workspaces, making use and deployment quick and easy.

In-depth training

Along with access to our eEducation module, you'll also receive five days of in-depth methodology and product training and one day of sales training.