Mutiny - Overview

–°omplete visibility into hybrid cloud IT infrastructures to protect your data at rest regardless of its location

Mutiny is a self-contained appliance for monitoring network-attached devices such as servers, switches, routers and printers. It has been designed to be simple to use, being aimed at the person who is more interested in the actual data gathered rather than the science of gathering the data.

The purpose of Mutiny is to monitor the systems on the network that are considered to be critical to the operation of the "Network Services" and to send alerts (Email and SMS messages) to the network's operators when problems are detected.

Mutiny Features

Mutiny - For all your Network Monitoring Needs.

Mutiny gathers data from the devices on the network using a variety of standard Internet (TCP/IP) protocols, but the most important are "ping" and SNMP (the Simple Network Management Protocol). In order to get the best use out of Mutiny, all the devices it monitors should allow Mutiny SNMP read access, but, unlike other SNMP based network monitors, it is not necessary for the user, or even the administrator, to know very much about the protocol or how it works. In fact there are only 4 requirements:

To know that SNMP exists. To know how to enable SNMP-read access on the critical network-attached devices such as Windows Servers, switches and routers. To know how to set SNMP security using the "Community" (or "Community String") and restricting access over the network to a list of allowed monitoring devices. To appreciate that when monitoring devices on the other side of a firewall, the firewall must be configured to allow SNMP access to those devices. and that is all, because once Mutiny is instructed to monitor a specific device that is running SNMP, it will automatically set up everything it needs to monitor those devices and start collecting data immediately. Mutiny's front-end is entirely web based and it therefore can only be accessed using a Web-browser. In order to access the Mutiny system, you only need to type in its IP address or DNS name into the address box of your browser. You will then see the Mutiny Login Page, sign in and the Main Monitoring view is displayed.

Mutiny overview
Mutiny Product Screenshot

Networks Unlimited are an authorised UK Reseller partner for Mutiny.