NetFlow Auditor - Unrivalled Network Visibility

Flow-Based Monitoring - Every Byte, Every Packet, Every Flow, Every Minute.

NetFlow Auditor provides visibility of every network conversation and scales beyond any other product in the industry.

NetFlow Auditor can perform analysis on any combination of data fields simultaneously (e.g. usage, packets, flows, packet size, utilization, etc) and sort data by any field. Effectively measure usage, trending patterns, baselines, averages, peaks and troughs, and standard deviations.

Performance Management versus Forensics

A view to only the "Top" conversations or applications provides sufficient information to quickly troubleshoot the main traffic offenders but most issues hide below the surface. So if deploying only a Top Flow view defeats the purpose of deploying a solution for complete network visibility then why do we sell it?

We know that customers needs are different at different times. By providing a Top Flow view with ability to move to a Full Flow view with a simple license change means that our customers investments are safe. So if budget only allows a small start, we provide the very best small start in the industry.

Many customers entering the NetFlow space are still new and often compare a more competent technique against the lower end collectors in the market place. In this case, our Performance licenses are more appropriate. The collection mechanism in our Performance license offers an low-cost-entry option that still goes deeper in granularity than competitors. NetFlow Auditor Performance license can still handle hundreds of devices. With our Perfomance orientated License the view of data is still highly granular and every effort is made to keep relevant flows with the default but configurable option being split between Top Bytes, Top Packets and Top Flow generators.

The investment benefit with the Performance license is that you can easily move to better visibility or functionality when you are ready without losing your initial investment. Simply by changing or adding to the license key provides increased visibility and add-on features. This means that NetFlow Auditor is a scalable investment that can begin with a small license and grow with changing needs.

Customers say NO to Lack of Granularity when they recognize that it:

NetFlow Auditor License Investment

NetFlow Auditor comes in multiple license tiers for Performance and Professional; The Performance license scales well beyond other products in the NetFlow arena and is designed to provide only real-time functionality with top analysis data in line with the other NetFlow products; the Professional license allows full raw flow capture and forensics with long-term trending. NetFlow Anomaly Detection and Ultra-Long Term Trending and Billing are optional add-on modules.

Download NetFlow Auditor Performance Monitoring Data Sheet