Goverlan Remote Control Software v7

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Introducing the most powerful remote control software product for IT professionals. Goverlan Remote Control v7 has been designed to be fast, reliable and to answer to the growing complexity of today's business infrastructure.

Easy & Secure Implementation

  • No software agent pre-installation required. Goverlan automatically install and maintain the Goverlan Agents on the client machines.

  • Every configuration setting can be globally distributed via a Group Policy Object or centrally administered and controlled via the Goverlan Central Server.

  • User interface text on the client's side can be customized or translated to another language.

  • Every client / server transaction is authenticated via the Microsoft Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) and every communication is encrypted (using RSA RC4).

  • Each remote control session is audited and can be traced on a per machine basis or globally.

  • Supports Smart Card Redirection - Goverlan v7 is PKI Compliant.

  • Easy firewall configuration. Goverlan only uses a single TCP port which is automatically configured by the Goverlan Agents.

Designed to Support Heterogeneous Infrastructures

Goverlan Remote Control v7 supports four communication protocols: Goverlan RMC, Citrix® ICA, Microsoft® RDP and VNC. This not only allows you to initiate remote control sessions and ICA/RDP user sessions to Windows based platforms, but also to any platform which supports the VNC protocol such as Mac OSX or Ubuntu.

Goverlan Remote Control v7 supports four communication protocols: Goverlan RMC, Citrix® ICA, Microsoft® RDP and VNC.

Full Support for Citrix® XenServer and Microsoft® Terminal Services Thin Clients

Goverlan supports both the physical console session and Citrix ICA / Microsoft RDP user sessions. With Goverlan Remote Control v7, you can remote control the physical user session (the session bound to the physical screen, keyboard & mouse) as well as shadow ICA and RDP user sessions.

The process is totally transparent to the Goverlan user:

  • Initiating a remote control session to a machine which only holds a single user session directly goes to this session.

  • Initiate a remote control session to a machine which hold two or more active user sessions automatically triggers the user session selection screen in Goverlan:

Goverlan Remote Control Software - Full Support for Citrix® XenServer and Microsoft® Terminal Services Thin Clients

See: Supporting Citrix® and Microsoft® Terminal Services Thin Clients

Data Center or Student Class Monitoring

Goverlan Remote Control Software - Data Center or Student Class Monitoring

Create a customizable and dynamic view of a group of machines and monitor what is happening on all desktops simultaneously. This powerful Monitoring View allows you to keep an eye on large number of remote desktops live with minimal impact on your network. The monitoring view includes many options and performance counters, providing you with an extensive health overview and control over a group of machines.

Once you have defined a monitoring view, you can save the layout and reload it at any time. Goverlan will re-establish the connection to all machines for you.

See: Keeping a Watchful Eye on your Windows Servers

Provide Remote Assistance Anytime, Anywhere

Goverlan Remote Control Software - Provide Remote Assistance Anytime, AnywhereSupport your clients no matter where they are!  With Goverlan v7, you can support both on-site and off-site users.

The Goverlan Remote Assistance feature allows you to generate Remote Assistance Access Tokens which can be emailed to a client or made available via a web site. Once the client accepts the access token, you have full access to their machine. No matter where they are!


   Powerful Remote Control Features

Goverlan Remote Control Software - Powerful Remote Control Features

  • Remote Control multiple clients at the same time.

  • Monitor all screens simultaneously.

  • Save your layout and reload them at a later time.

  • Transfer files and directories to and from the client machines.

  • Use the Goverlan Administrative Mode to perform duties on a remote machine while the physical screen is masked to hide your actions.

  • Organize your machines in the Favorites section via your own hierarchy of folders, IP subnets or Active Directory containers.

  • Perform management tasks on entire groups of machines.

  • Goverlan Remote Control supports multiple-monitors on both the administrator's machine and the client machine.

  • Communicate with your clients via IM while remote controlling their machines.

  • Monitor and control the processes on the remote machine using the Goverlan Task Manager.

  • Use the Wake On LAN feature to wake your machines before remote controlling them.

  • Capture the remote control session by saving the remote screen to a file or recording a video of the session.

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