Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7

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Introducing Goverlan, the most comprehensive remote administration product on the market. First released in 1998, it has since become the primary and most preferred remote administration solution for many businesses around the world. Chosen for its cost effectiveness, ease of use and unsurpassed flexibility, Goverlan is a favorite amongst user support teams, system administrators and enterprise administrators alike.

Goverlan Remote Administration Software

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Domain Administration & Account Management
Goverlan automatically detects Active Directory and allows you to perform administration of domain accounts in flexible ways.
  • Navigate through Active Directory easily and effectively using powerful Active Directory search features and container filters.
  • Manage Active Directory by creating, renaming, moving or removing accounts and Organizational Units.
  • Control your user's password for individual accounts or globally.
  • Perform group memberships management and view detailed information on effective memberships.
Goverlan supports
multiple Active Directory Forests
Live Support, Diagnostics and Administration of Users and their Machines

Easily support your users and machines by using Goverlan Real-Time Administration and Diagnostic feature. This feature provides a unique and powerful set of system administration tools which allow you to trouble shoot and configure clients without remote controlling them, thereby allowing users to continue their work uninterrupted.

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Goverlan supports
Citrix® ICA & Microsoft RDP Thin Clients

Remote Access Solution
Goverlan includes a remote access solution designed for the IT professionals. Using Goverlan Remote Control, you can view one or more remote desktop's screens and control the remote system's mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting in front of it.  There are many remote control solutions out there, but none provide the amount of flexibility, security, reliability and features set that Goverlan has.

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Goverlan supports
on-site & off-site

Enterprise User & Desktop Management
Globally control and monitor your infrastructure with Goverlan Scope Actions.

  • Generate granular reports on the configuration and status of your users, machines and groups.
  • Control your infrastructure by pushing administrative tasks globally.
  • Maintain your infrastructure by scheduling administrative tasks globally.
  • Perform real-time searches your infrastructure and find objects with specific configuration or state.

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WMI is fully
integrated allowing
for agent-less

Advanced Desktop Management via Batch & Scripts
For these times when a complex remote administration task cannot be performed via the Goverlan user interface, Goverlan provides you with the tools to design and dispatch the execution of a script across your infrastructure.

Goverlan Remote Administration Software - Windows Management Instrumentation Desktop Management via WMI Use WMIX v2 to easily design and generate WMI scripts with no prior knowledge in scripting or the WMI technology.
Use the Goverlan Command Line utility to gain access to the full set of Goverlan features in your own scripts.
Automatically Generate WMI Script - WMI Enterprise Desktop Management Software Use the Goverlan Batch & Scripts feature to dispatch the execution of your local batch and scripts onto your machines and receive a consolidated report of console outputs.