SendQuick Entera
sendQuick Entera

Is your business losing customers because you are not responsive enough? What happens when there is an intrusion in your network infrastructure? Can your sales team retrieve real-time information to help close sales when on the move? Your business has a variety of communications needs. Traditional methods of email, voice call, paging and faxes are often costly and may not be as quick in reaching the relevant persons or getting the right information

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a very useful and non-intrusive communication method that is ideal for getting your messages across fast. You can deploy SMS in a huge number of ways in your business processes so that you remain responsive to your customers and become more efficient and competitive. sendQuick® Entera is the solution to your enterprise mobile messaging needs.

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•   Business continuity & call centre support
•   IT alerts & monitoring
•   Status/inventory enquiry & service status
•   Jobs & information dispatch for workflow
•   Appointment reminders, updates & notifications