SendQuick Enterprise Server
sendQuick Enterprise

Short Messaging Service (SMS) has gained tremendous popularity in many countries and today, there are many corporations who are using SMS for simple messaging, communication, CRM and even e-commerce and transactional based applications.

In most instances, setting up a SMS server is complex and tedious, requiring professional expertise and involving complex integration processes. All of which is time-consuming and un-economical for your company. TalariaX sendQuick® Enterprise Server is designed for all companies, regardless of size. sendQuick® Enterprise is built with the intention to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and can be used for multiple applications, with unlimited users and application licences.

sendQuick® Enterprise is designed as an easy to use system for marketing, promotion and general SMS messaging system. The user-friendly features allow companies to design, prepare, send and receive SMS instantly, allowing you to conduct marketing and mass SMS campaigns easily.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a very useful and non-intrusive communication method that is ideal for getting your messages across fast. You can deploy SMS in a huge number of ways in your business processes so that you remain responsive to your customers and become more efficient and competitive. sendQuick® Entera is the solution to your enterprise mobile messaging needs.

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•   Business continuity & call centre support
•   IT alerts & monitoring
•   Status/inventory enquiry & service status
•   Jobs & information dispatch for workflow
•   Appointment reminders, updates & notifications