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Security and Compliance

EventTracker provides Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), real-time Log Management and powerful Change and Configuration Management to optimize IT operations, detect and deter costly security breaches and comply with multiple regulatory mandates. EventTracker operates on any device in your IT infrastructure capable of producing real-time logs.

SIEM Simplified

Find out why EventTracker was voted Best Buy in Secure Computing Magazine and why it is bringing SIEM ShelfWare to an end.

Log Management for Any Device, Any Log, Any Format!

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EventTracker Enterprise is the most comprehensive and capability-rich SIEM, log management and operational management solution on the market. EventTracker can collect the logs generated from and provide actionable intelligence in real-time, giving you complete visibility into your IT infrastructure and enabling you to:

  • Reduce on-site auditor time by up to 90%
  • Increase security
  • Spend 75% less time investigating security incidents
  • Increase operational efficiency

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EventTracker: Overview

Security Center

EventTracker Security Center

EventTracker Security Center is a powerful, scalable on-premise or cloud application designed to address a broad range of cyber security challenges for organisations both large and small and has multiple industry awards including best SIEM and product of the year.

Compliance Center

EventTracker Compliance Center

EventTracker Compliance Center is based on the powerful SC Magazine award-winning SIEM solution. With Compliance Center, organisations can secure their environment, track user activity, alert on potential violations and generate audit-ready reports.

EventTracker Enterprise

EventTracker Enterprise

EventTracker Enterprise expands its competences beyond SIEM and log management and includes File Integrity Monitoring, Change Audit, Config Assessment, Cloud Integration, Event Correlation, and writeable media monitoring. With EventTracker Enterprise, you can Improve Security, Maintain Compliance and Increase Operational Efficiency.

SIEM Simplified

EventTracker SIEM SimplifiedSM

EventTracker SIEM SimplifiedSM is the award-winning, professional services engagement that enhances the value of EventTracker Enterprise and EventTracker Security Center products. EventTracker experienced staff assumes responsibility for all SIEM-related tasks including daily incident reviews, configuration assessments, incident investigation support and audit support.

Security Analyst

Role - Security Analyst

Need - To understand what is happening in the IT infrastructure at all times, and be able to have my team address the most critical issues first.

The EventTracker family of SIEM and log management solutions provides you with a complete and detailed view of your entire IT infrastructure, and provides the answers to the questions “What’s happening?”, “What happened?”, “Am I secure?”, and “Am I compliant?” Through a centralised, real-time, role-based dashboard you can see the information you need to see at a glance, and delve deeper as required.

Compliance Auditor

Role - Compliance Auditor

Need - A solution to secure the environment, establish the baseline, track user activity, alert on potential violations, and simplify the generation of audit-ready reports.

The easiest way to know if things have changed in your environment is to establish the baseline of your IT infrastructure. With EventTracker, you can gather and document user activity, view group memberships, share permission levels and security settings over a timeframe to know your environment’s baseline. Once this baseline is established you can monitor users, group memberships, file and object access, log-on/off activities, and maintain a trail of authorized/unauthorized changes..

Sys Admin/Help Desk

Role - SysAdmin/Help Desk

Need - To prioritise the incidents within the organization’s infrastructure and to know which ones are the most critical.

The EventTracker family of SIEM and log management solutions provides you with the ability to understand what is happening in your infrastructure. From real-time alerting to in-depth analysis, EventTracker allows you to delve into the finest details of an incident. The time spent trying to uncover the clues that identify what is going on is dramatically reduced.

eventtracker white paper

White Paper - How to Succeed at SIEM

To succeed at SIEM, you must buy the tools, grow the people and mature the processes. This paper presents an “output- driven” and structured approach designed to let you get value from your SIEM investment.

eventtracker case-study

Case Study

Read how Customers from around the globe are benefiting fro using EventTracker for Log Management, Compliance and Security.

eventtracker awards


EventTracker has won many awards and gained strong recognition in a variety of leading magazines and analyst reports. See a list of industry accolades for the feature-rich and easy to use capabilities of the EventTracker Security Information and Event Log Management (SIEM) solution.

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EventTracker SIEM Benefits

EventTracker Benefits

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Cybersecurity: Now You’re Ready

Before: Discover. Enforce. Harden.

The EventTracker award-winning platform helps identifies malware, unusual behavior and suspicious network traffic and lets you know when you’ve been compromised. The threatscape constantly evolves. Keeping up with it, at scale and across all assets, is a full time job for experts. With our SIEM Simplified service, we install and run EventTracker on your premises and monitor your network so you can keep your focus on everything else that’s on your list.

CyberSecurity - Before an attack

During: Detect. Block. Defend.

Indicators of compromise exist even when the attackers are dormant. EventTracker delivers powerful new features to combat detection deficits that occur from a lack of resources or a lack of awareness, and identify evidence that attackers are in your network.

Our advanced security analytics includes User Behavior Analysis (UBA) that alerts you to unexpected or unusual user behavior and out of ordinary access, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities that monitor for anomalies and examines suspicious network.

CyberSecurity - During an attack

After: Scope. Contain. Remediate.

Perfect protection is not practical. Therefore monitoring is necessary to determine the scope of the damage, contain the event, remediate, and return operations back to normal.

CyberSecurity - During an attack

Live Demo

Live Demo

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EventTracker SIEM, IT Security, Compliance, Log Management.

Security Center Request for Evaluation

The 21-day chaperoned evaluation includes assignment of dedicated EventTracker resources for pre-sales support, training and implementation guidance throughout the process. We will enable you to quickly evaluate basic and advanced features of EventTracker through a proven collaborative deployment model as follows:

You will provide:

  • Written use case/requirements definition of your evaluation success criteria with inventory list of up to 20 or 30 systems to be monitored (servers, network and workstations)
  • Windows 2012 R2 server (physical or virtual) for EventTracker (1 or 2 quad cores, 8 GB RAM, 200Gb local disk)
  • Installation of commercial version of our Team Viewer secure remote access software to enable collboration via the internet (this is a requirement)
  • Access to administrators responsible for the systems to be monitored to configure audit settings, and to enable log collection and sensor deployments

We will provide:

  • Kick-off planning meeting to confirm scope, timeline and responsibilities
  • Remote installation of EventTracker software including server components (IIS, .net, SQL Express)
  • Deployment assistance – log collection guidance and sensor installation
  • Configuration of EventTracker specific to your use case/requirements and success criteria
    • Alerts
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Advice, analysis and critical observations

Please note that there is a fully deployed instance of EventTracker here

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