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IT Headache #47: Need a monitoring system to monitor your monitoring system?

Make those headaches from outdated IT management systems a thing of the past with Panorama9's forward-thinking cloud-based solution.

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Vulnerability Management

Handle all your patch, antivirus, traffic, and firewall requirements expertly and efficiently.

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Availability Monitoring

Keep tabs on everything from servers and computers to email services and peripherals to keep your network problem-free.

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Network Management

Monitor your LAN and IP, analyze traffic, and handle VPN and SMTP related services less stressfully and more reliably.

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Asset Management

Access vast amounts of information of the granular kind to follow every hardware set-up and software detail.

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Compliance Management

Cost-effective cloud-based solution provides the right tools to safely maintain compliance across your organisation.

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Panorama9 - At a glance

It all starts with a single dashboard that’s extremely multi-faceted. Discover quickly what devices and services are available. Track your IT policies and get notified if and when they need to be enforced. Receive a complete asset management overview. In short, one comprehensive system replaces multiple tools (and multiple headaches).

Downtime ought to be outlawed. Panorama9 has pretty much accomplished that Herculean task. Like a modern-day wizard, the dashboard foresees —and solves—any and all problems before they can rear their ugly little heads (and eat into your personal downtime).

If your only job was to keep your network secure, you’d still have too much on your plate. Panorama9 knows exactly what needs to be done—from ensuring end-points always have the newest patches to keeping the firewall enabled when users are outside the network. And it does it all without breaking a sweat (giving you a much needed break).

Got a minute? That’s how long it takes to deploy a small, lightweight agent on all your network devices. Instantly, the agent begins collecting data and providing you with detailed information about your servers, computers, software, users, and Internet services, from websites to mail-servers to VPNs. (Amazing—an agent that does get back to you.)

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